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Tag: Supercare Compressor Nebulizer

Supercare Compressor Nebulizer

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  • Supercare Compressor Nebulizer Properties: Other, long term life air compressor nebulizer Brand Name: Super care Size: 230*150*210mm (L*W*H) Weight: 2KG Power consumption: 160VA Particle size: 0.5um to 5um Noise level: below 40dBA Operation pressure range: 12-16Psi (0.85-1.1bar) Specification: Input- 220V/50HZ Power Consumption- 160VA Medication Capacity– 6ml MMAD– 2.0µm Average Nebulization Rate: Above 0.2ml/min. Compressor Pressure Range- 30-39 Psi Operation Humidity Range 10 to 95% RH

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